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Frank Gallagher

Frank &John Gallagher
John Gallagher (front left)       Frank Gallagher (front right)

Frank & John Gallagher's ancestor, one of the first wooden Indian carvers, started carving his Indians in the 1840's. His great, great grandson Frank is known to be one of approximately 12 true full-blooded Man-Dan Indians still living. Unfortunately, the Man-Dan village was infected by small pox which practically wiped out the entire tribe. Frank's ancestor however, was away from the village at the time, working for a furniture maker. The furniture maker's name was Samuel Gallagher. Following the custom of Indian laborers of that era, Frank took his employer's last name as his own. One of the original Wooden Indians are on display in the Smithsonian Institute. The Gallaghers continue the art of carving as their ancestor would want it; the old way - the right way - by hand. Aspen wood from Colorado is the preferred raw material for the creations of the Gallaghers.

Frank & John Gallagher wooden Indains
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