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Knowledge about Native Americans

A - Z Artists


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Mary Aaca
Sante Fe, NM , Indian Market,
jewelry, pottery, sculptures
Angelic creations
Mary expressed her philosophy of art, "I work with my hands as guided by my heart."


Diego Albeita
Isleta Pueblo, NM
Traditional silver work
Diego Albeita owned his own gallery at Isleta Pueblo. He employed some local artists and specialized in making traditional silver necklaces.

Kathy Abeita
Silver multi stone jewelry. Amethyst, silver, agate, fossilized ivory.
Featured in the Pojoaque Visitor Center & Gallery.

Richard Abeyta Richard Abeyta Turquoise Necklace
Santo Domingo
Santa Domingo Pueblo, NM
Silver jewelry
Awarded 3rd Indian Market 2001

Evelyn Acque
Hallmarks E Acque
Inlay bracelets, earrings, necklaces, earrings, pendants and squash blossom necklaces.
Evelyn Acque served on the Zuni Tribal Council.
Silver, coral and turquoise jewelry.

Old Man Acque
Animal fetish jewelry, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bears and buffalo.
Old Man Acque is the grandfather of Gary Acque.

Jack Adakai Squash Blossom Necklace
Jack Adakai
Hallmarks JA, Jack Adakai
Featured at the Garlands Indian Gallery in Sedona, AZ.
Jack Adakai is the husband of Minnie Adakai and the grandfather of the rug weaver Cindy Hornbeck.
Minnie Adakai
Hallmark is MA
Silver sand cast jewelry
Husband of Jack Adakai

Everett Adams
Hallmark EA
Shungopavi, Walpi
Silver overlay jewelry

Victoria Adams
Hallmark He On E Va, Woman who lights the pipe.

Featured at the Denver Art Museum, Heard Museum, and Indian Market.

Common themes and motifs: Crescent moon, beadwork patterns, plants, berries, charm necklaces, pendants, animals, buffalo, horses, coyotes, deer and birds.

Victoria has been featured at many exhibitions and art galleries around the world and is a top award winning artist. She is also a highly trained goldsmith. Her art is extremely contemporary and she creates from her culture and life view. Movie star Peter Coyote collects her jewelry as do many others.

Alvin Adkins
Hallmarks AA or Al Adkins
Prince Robert BC
Gold, silver, argillite, wood.
Featured at the Deschutes Gallery in Bend, OR and the Museum of Anthropology Museum Shop.
Alvin Adkins started his career as a wood carver and argillite carver. Later he swithed to silver and gold jewelry. His influences are Bill Reid, Robert Davidson. He has one of his designs featured on clearly Canadian bottled water and it is distributed worldwide.

Richard Adkins
Silver jewelry and bronze sculptures
Prince Rupert, BC
Featured in the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Royal Ontario Museum.
Richard Adkins favorite designs are that of the Killer Whale Family.

Alfred Aguilar
San Ildefons
San Ildefonso Pueblo, NM.
Hallmark Sa Wa Pin, Alfredo
Overlay jewelry, heishi necklaces, pottery, paintings and sculptures.

Benny Aguilar
Santo Domingo
Hallmarks BFA
Silver Jewelry
Featured at Jewels of the Southwest and the San Diego Museum of Man.
Benny Aguilar has won first three times at the Indian Market in Sante Fe.

Ernestine Aguilar
Santo Domingo
Hallmarks Mrs. Tony Aguilar.
Mosaic Inlay
Ernestine Aguilar has been featured in many publications and has awards of 1st and third at the Indian Market in Sante Fe NM.

Frances Aguilar
Santo Domingo
Hallmarks BFA & FBA
Shell Heishi and silver jewelry
Frances Aguilar has been awarded several times at the Indian Market in Sante Fe and is the wife of Benny Aguilar.

Kenneth Aguilar
Santo Domingo
Hallmarks KA
Mosaic Inlay Jewelry, lapis, coral, spiny oyster, jet & sterling silver.
Kenneth Aguilar is featured at the Bien Hur Indian Market Center and Hoel's Indian Shop in Sedona, AZ.

Marie Aguilar
Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo Pueblo , NM
Coral necklaces using Navajo beads
Marie Aguilar was featured at the Sante Fe Indian Market for more than forty years and is the sister of Sedelio Fidel Lovato, Perigrina Lovato Aguilar and Ray Lovato.

Rafaelita Aguilar
Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo Pueblo , NM
Jewelry and pottery

Ray Aguilar
Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo Pueblo , NM
Featured in the San Diego Museum of Man

Richard L Aguilar
Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo Pueblo , NM.
Best of Davidson Award 1978 and Multiple awards at the Indian Market in Sante Fe, NM.

Tony Aguilar
Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo Pueblo , NM
Hallmarks A
Traditional jewelry and paintings, silver brass, copper, turquoise, heishi.
Featured at Skip Maisel's Indian Jewelry & Crafts.
Tony Aguilar was influenced by his family and his travels to Iran during WWII. He also studied Spanish religious jewelry and has a focus on Old Pawn. He created very large beaded turquoise necklaces making various shaped beads.

Vidal Aguilar
Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo Pueblo , NM
Jewelry and pottery
Vidal Aguilar hails from a long line of Native American jewelry makers and is still featured at the Indian Market in Sante Fe, NM.

Wayne Anthony Aguilar
Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo Pueblo , NM
Hallmarks W over A and the sun symbol
Wayne is featured in Wrights Indian Art in Albuquerque, NM.

Wayne Aguilar
Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM
Hallmarks his fathers A
Heishei Necklaces, Stamp work jewelry.
Wayne Waguilar is featured at the Earth Gems Gallery in Sante Fe and is the son of Native American artists Tony and Ernestine Aguilar.

Eleanor Ahiyite
Traditional jewelry square stone bracelets.

Fletcher Ahiyite
Channel inlay jewelry with flowers.
Fletcher Ahiyites work can be found at Cameron Trading Post in Cameron, AZ.

Larry Ahvakana
Carved gold & silver, ivory, wood figures, known for ravens and eagles.

Oscar Alexius
Navajo, Salt Clan
Window Rock
Hallmarks OA
Oscars work can be found in the Shush Yaz trading post in Gallup, NM. He is know for his stampwork.

Patsy Allapowa
Hallmarks Patsy Weebothee and TA, PA
Turquoise bracelets, pins, pendants and earrings.
Patsy was taught by her parents Mary and Lee Weebothee and does work with her husband Thomas Allapowa Jr.

Thomas Allapowa
Hallmarks TA
Does an extensive amount of work with his wife Patsy Allapowa Weebothee.

Andrew Redhorse Alvarez
Mescalero Apache, Red Clay Clan
Long Beach, CA
Hallmarks Andy Alvarez
Traditional gold and silver work and inlay.
Andrew Alavrez is one of the few Mescalero Apaches that manufactures jewelry. He spent a great deal of time as a child learning to silver smith under Chief George Pierre, a grandson of the great Chief Joseph. Andrew is showcased at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Charlotte Joshua Andrews
Shungopavi, Second Mesa, AZ
Silver overlay jewelry
Great-granddaughter of Tawahongniwa and granddaughter to Joshua Homiyesva.
Charlotte is a member of the Hopi Silvercrafts Arts & Crafts Guild.

Joseph Anton
Tohonno O'odham
Man in the Maze and Basket designs
Joseph is featured at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Sante Fe, NM.

Annie Antone
Tohonno O'odham
Basket Weaver

Dennis Apple
Silver fabricated jewelry, bug pins is his specialty
Dennis Apple is featured at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Sante Fe, NM.

Acoma PotteryAcoma Pottery" src="" alt="Allen Aragon Acoma Pottery" width="200px" />
Allen Aragon
Hallmarks AA, one or two bear tracks, two paw prints
Silver jewelry and Acoma Pottery
Thoreau, NM
Allen is featured in many galleries in the Southwest including the Heard Museum. His mother was an Acoma potter and his father and mentor was Nanabah Aragon. In addition he credits his grandmother who was a weaver "My grandmother, a traditional Navajo woman, weaver was very influential in my work. I looked forward to our visits, because I always had a new art piece to show her. Although she did not speak or understand English she would smile and say, "Do'o'h", which is the Navajo word for admiration.

Nanaba Aragon
Hallmarks with running N
Mesa and Prescott, AZ
Nanaba Aragon has many family members that are also well noted Native American artist. She is such a talented artist she weaves, silver smith, sand painter and clothing designer and is also a musician. She was commended as an artist by president GW Bush.

Ralph Aragon
Laguna/Water Clan
Hallmarks R Aragon & Kiva steps
Contemporary jewelry, polychrome pottery, gourds, shields beadwork, paintings on leather.

Vidal Aragon
Santo Domingo
Traditional silver jewelry
Vidal Aragon is was featured at the Museum of Modern Art in 1941.

Manuel Archuleta
Hallmarks Mountain Bow, Pian Whe Le Ne
Painting and jewelry

Martha Arquero
Jewelry, pottery and figurines.

Julian Arviso
Manuelito Chapter House, NM
Gold, silver, diamonds, turquoise and coral.
Julian Arviso is featured in the Americana Indian Shows gallery in Flagstaff, AZ. "I am 35 years old and have been a silver and goldsmith for about 20 years. In my earlier years, I only worked in silver in the traditional Navajo style. The past 12 years I have been working with gold and contemporary styles and try to mix it up a little.

Paul Arviso
Hallmarks PA, Arivso, P. Arviso
bolos, bracelets, buckles, concho belts, earrings, necklaces, pendants.
"My grandfather and father both taught me that whenever you are going to do something that is special, you have to do it with prayers. In the Navajo way there are a lot of ceremonies, stories and legends that I used to draw from to get ideas, and I put those ideas into jewelry."

Frank Atencio
Santo Domingo
Hallmarks FA pointing arrow
Silver jewelry, pottery

Juanita Atencio
Santo Domingo

Marie Atencio
Santo Domingo
Jewelry, pottery

Donald Atokuku
Silver Overlay Jewelry

Elene Atokukua
silver overlay, set stone jewelry
Keams Canyon, AZ
Featured at McGees Indian Art Gallery

Sonya Kaye Ayers
jewelry, pottery, paintings


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Thomas J Babre (Cloud Dancer)
Gold, silver, channel inlay, overlay, stones, fabricated jewelry, turquoise, opals, moonstones, rubies.
Cloud Dancer Jewelry Studio, Tubac, AZ
Thomas Babre is an innovated goldsmith. His work is well designed and masterfully constructed. He displays a variety of styles and techniques.

Lorenzo Baca
Mascalero Apache
sandcast jewelry, pottery, metal sculpture, woodcarving
Morenci, AZ
Lorenzo Baca has a vast variety of recognitions throughout the Native American Indian Art world, and has been featured in several museums and galleries throughout the United States. He has also been featured in many films with Disney and Colombia studios.

Fidel Bahe
Hallmarks with chisel cut letters
Keams Canyon, AZ
Silver tufacast jewelry
"In prayers, baskets, rugs, the design always goes clockwise. I always go clockwise with my rope stamp...I enjoy working with tufa stone.

James Bahe
Contemporary Jewelry
White Corn, AZ
James has jewelry featured in stores around the world and is the cousin of renowned Navajo artist Raymond Yazzie.

Sam Bahe
Hallmarks with SB
Navajo rings, bracelets, animal pins, deer and scalloped concho belts.

Sandy Baird
Hallmarks Jo Wons
Brass copper inlay, contemporary silverwork, set stone jewelry, beadwork, photography

(b1870 - ?)
traditional ingot jewelry, hand wrought jewelry

Gail Bird
jewelry, concho belts, necklaces, rings

Jolene Bird
Santo Domingo
Heishi, Contemporary overlay, set stones.
Fred Bowannie
Jewelry, Knuckle Rings


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Bruce Caesar
Anadarko, OK
Silver work; Water birds, teepes, peyote, water drums, rattles, staffs noted for arm bands, belt buckles, blanket pins, bracelets, concho belts, linked earrings, finger rings, necklaces, pins, and roach spreaders.
Bruce Caesar was taught the craft by his father Julius Caesar. He has been featured in many exhibitions with his master work of the Southern plains indian and is also featured in the Smithsonian Institution.

Allen Chee
Allen Chee along with his wife Angela were well renowned silver smiths and are the parents of Carol Begay. Allen Chee worked for the noted trader of Zuni New Mexico, Mr CG Wallace. Allens work was at its prime during the 1970's and a lot of his work included birds and eagles.

Marie Chino
Acoma Pottery

Vera Chino
Acoma Pottery

Mirac Creepingbear


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Steward Tewawina Dacawyma
Hopi Snow Clan
Second Mesa, AZ
Hallmark - one horn society headdress
Silver overlay jewelry
Steward learned his craft through family and the Hopi guild and is featured in many galleries in Northern Arizona.


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Carlos Eagle
Hallmark - Carlos Eagle, eagle
Contemporary mosaic, stamp work jewelry, Gold, silver, coral, turquoise, sugilite, ivory, opal, lapis lazuli, spiny oyster, malachite, tiger-eye.
Was awarded 2nd in 1983 at Indian Market in Sante Fe.


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James Faks
Blackfeet - Oneida
Concho Belts, traditional silver work, cuff bracelets
Featured in 2002 at the Jewels of the Southwest museum, Case Trading Post and Wheelwright in Sante Fe NM.


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Jeffery Gabriel
Oka Mohawk
Quebec, Canada
Traditional Iroquois trade silver, contemporary gold, silver, copper, cutout, engraved, stamp work, set stone jewelry, wooden carvings.
Everyone should be proud of what they are and what they were. In the future In the future I would like to see some of our Indian craftsman take a serious interest in silver work. That field offers high recognition and the opportunity to express one's feelings about one's background and ancestry."

R. C. Gorman


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Vivian Hailstone
Redding, CA


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Veronica Ingram
Ilfeld, NM
Jewelry, beadwork, paintings, weavings, textile designer.
Veronica Ingram has been featured in great arenas such as The Heard Museum and the Indian market in Sante Fe, NM and has been awarded several awards including 1st in 1973 at the Heard Museum.


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Dan Jackson
Navajo (Dine)
Hallmark stamps Jackson or D.A.
Ganado, AZ
Traditional & contemporary shadow box, overlay, set stone jewelry

Yazzie Johnson - click name for more details.
Produced fine Jewelry including concho belts, necklaces, and rings. Yazzie Johnson was also a Navajo Code Talker during World War II


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Fred Kabotie

Hosteen Klah


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Juana Leno
Traditional pottery artist
Lucy Lewis
Acoma Pottery


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Rick Martinez
Rick Martinez has been making jewelry in the American southwest since the early 1970’s. Extremely experienced in sand casting and hand stamp work, Rick is self taught and also learned learned his father Lee Martinez. Rick grew up in Pruitt New Mexico but now resides in Glendale Arizona.


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Gerald Nailor


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Harvey Phillip Pratt
forensic artist


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Atsidi Sani

Carl Sweezy
Painter, Oil, Canvas

Clara Sherman

Tommy Singer


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Emmi Whitehorse


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Melanie Yazzie
painter, sculptor


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