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Frequently Asked Questions


Location & Hours of
Q. Where is Alltribes located?
Q. How do I contact a live person at
Q. What are Alltribes hours of operation?
Q. Does Alltribes Indian Art have a retail storefront for the retail shopper?
Q. Has Alltribes had other retail stores prior to this one?
Q. Is Alltribes an independent company?
Q. Is Alltribes Indian Art directly associated with nonprofit organizations and outreach programs?
Q. Who do I contact for advertising and marketing opportunities?
Q. Will Alltribes Indian Art provide professional services and support to open a storefront?


Shipping Questions and Answers
Q. When can I expect my order to arrive?
Q. Where do I get a tracking number?
Q. Why is my order taking longer than expected to receive?
Q. How do I know which carrier is transporting and delivering my merchandise?
Q. Does Alltribes Indian Art offer drop shipping?


Authenticity of our products
Q. How do I know if my piece is truly Native American made?
Q. Are all items made by Native Americans?
Q. What is the best way to trace my Native American heritage?
Q. Does Alltribes carry traditional authentic Native American remedies?


Buying / Selling / Customer Service Questions and Answers
Q. Who can I call for customer service?
Q. How do I speak with an actual knowledgeable sales representative?
Q. Does Alltribes Indian Art repair jewelry and art?
Q. What is the "No quibble guarantee"?
Q. What should I do if my gift certificate is invalid?
Q. Who should I contact regarding billing information?
Q. What is your refund policy?
Q. What forms of payment are accepted by Alltribes Indian Art?
Q. Does Alltribes Indian Art have wholesale opportunities for store owners?
Q. Does Alltribes Indian Art have an affiliate program?
Q. Does Alltribes charge sales tax on my order?
Q. Does Alltribes have a layaway program?
Q. Can Alltribes Indian Art LLC tell me what my on my Native American Jewelry is valued at?
Q. Does Alltribes Indian Art accept term payments for wholesale buyers?
Q. Can I sell your products on Ebay?
Q. Does Alltribes do business with “traders” and “jobbers”?
Q. Does Alltribes Indian Art have an affiliate website program?
Q. Can I sell Alltribes' products at shows, flea markets, and swap meets?
Q. What does "Two for One" mean?


Jewelry Questions
Q. I'm ordering a custom made or custom sized piece of jewelry, how do I let you know my size specifications?
Q. How do I measure my wrist size?
Q. Where do I put in my ring or bracelet size?
Q. Does Alltribes Indian Art repair jewelry and art?
Q. Can Alltribes Indian Art make custom products?
Q. Does Alltribes Indian Art buy jewelry?
Q. What is a hallmark?
Q. If my bracelet does not “fit”, what should I do?
Q. What healing qualities do copper magnetic bracelets provide for the wearer?
Q. What is “old pawn” or “dead pawn” jewelry?
Q. What is “inlay” or “inlaid” jewelry?
Q. Does Alltribes Indian Art buy jewelry?
Q. What is “overlay” or “overlaid” jewelry?


Native Craft questions (Bows, Arrows, Peace Pipes, Tomahawks, Dream catchers, etc.)
Q. What is a “dreamcatcher” or “dream catcher”?
Q. What is a “medicine wheel”?
Q. What is the origin of the “medicine wheel”?
Q. What is a “talking stick”?
Q. What do Native American symbols represent?


Kachina Doll Questions
Q.I have ordered a fairly fragile Kachina Doll. I'm concerned about the shipping. Will it come to me in one piece?


Photography Questions
Q. What is the purpose of the group picture on some of your jewelry?
Q. Why is there a dime in the photographs?


Turquoise Questions
Q. Is Turquoise Magnesite Real Turquoise?
Q. What does it mean when the description of an item states “stones may vary”?
Q. Does Alltribes Indian Art sell rough turquoise in large quantities?
Q. Where does turquoise come from?
Q. What healing qualities is turquoise thought to possess?