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Concho Belts

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Concho Belts

Alltribes selection of handmade Concho Belts. Genuine Turquoise, Coral, Semi-Precious Stone Concho Belts plus a lot more available in both Men and Womens styles.

Concho Belt Navajo Hand Crafted
Concho Belt
Navajo Hand Crafted

Concho Belts are among the most striking pieces of Native American Indian jewelry. Conchas (named after the Spanish word for shell) are round or oval disks of silver. Conchos, also called conchos, are used in groups to decorate belts. The belt itself is called a "concha belt" or sometimes a "concho belt.". Conchos are another example of the foreign elements of design which the Navajo People adopted, changed and developed into a very unique piece of jewelry and a symbol of the Navajo nation. The Navajo have taken a design which they may have borrowed from the Mexican concho bridle ornament or from the oval shaped hair ornaments worn by the Plains Indians and added designs copied from the leather stamps of the Spanish and Moors. The shortened name, concho (or conchas for more than one) is used to describe these belts.

The very earliest (first phase) Conchos had round concha forms and a slotted center through which a belt made out of leather would be threaded. These round conchas were simple in design and were made of heavy-gauge silver. They were made by all hand die stamping. The conchas were often hammered out of single Mexican or American silver dollars. They had a decorated outside edge. Later, when Navajo silversmiths started soldering, copper loops were soldered to the back of solid conchas for threading the leather belt. In the 1890's the open center was no longer functional and, instead, an oval or diamond-shaped stamped pattern replaced it. The large center rosette was embossed by the use of a male and female die. Because they were copied from harness buckles, early belt buckles were small. Between 1900 and 1920 turquoise stones and butterfly spacers appeared, along with repousse work.

All of our backed Concho Belts can be put on Black or Brown Leather. Additional time is needed to make the belt in a different color. If you do not specify a Leather Color or Waist Size you will receive whatever color that is in the image and the belt will be shipped unpunched.