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The Abenaki People


Abenaki tribe.

The Abenaki live in the Northeastern United States, Quebec, and Maritimes region of Canada. They are part of a union of Tribes from the area known as the Wabanaki ("Dawn Land").

The Abenaki "Real People" are a Native American tribe that come from the [Algonquian] people of northeastern North America. The Abenaki live primarily in the northeastern United States and parts of Canada. There land is known as Ndakinna which means "our land". There are three reservations in Maine and their population is spread throughout the New England area and in and around Quebec. During the late 1600's the Abenaki began to spread out because of English colonization and the spreading of war and epidemics. Unfortunately the United States does not recognize the Abenaki as a tribe because they are now all primarily located in Canada, but were actually pushed to Canada by white settlers from the New England region. At it's largest population level the Abenaki totalled 40,000, but is now much smaller numbering about 12,000 total.